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Recently, I was lucky enough to vist the beautiful city of Amsterdam. On the 24th of July at 6am we set off from Edinburgh Airport and arrieved briefly at Schiphol at 8.20am. We trained from amsterdam airport straight to Central station then bussed from there to our apartments. We stayed at the Yays Zoutkeetsgracht Concierged Boutique Apartments situated in a quiet, local neighbourhood about 15 minutes from the city centre. We went for a room which overlooked the stunning canals which gave us the full dutch experience. The accomodation was super and I definitly would recommend these apartments to anyone wanting to explore the non-touristy parts of amsterdam. You can also rent bikes from the apartments at a staggering 10 euros per person for 8 hours in which we did this everyday. The bikes just looked classic dutch and had huge wooden basket on the front which was very helpful for carrying shopping back to the apartments.

I would love to write a huge blog post on every detail that we did each day but we didnt really go anywhere specific. Mainly we just biked around the city and explored all the nooks and crannys of Amsterdam city. We tended to stray away from the tourist attractions as they were hugely busy and with the heat we had each day it was quite unbearable. We visted Dam square which was beautiful yet we did not stay for long due to the crowds.

For lunch each day we went to a cafe called Bagels and Beans mainly because they sold gluten free bagels in a variety of flilligs. For any of you who are GF like me this cafe is an excellent option as the bagels are just delicious and there is a lot of them scattered around the city of Amsterdam. The food in amsterdam was delicious and so fresh especially in the supermarkets where the fruit and vegetables was endless.

Overall, my trip to Amsterdam was fantastic. I fell in love with the dutch lifestyle and wish bikes were more commonly used here in the UK. The accomodation was excellent, the people were lovely and the food was amazing. Amsterdam was so relaxing and laid back bar the hustle and bustle of biking to Dam Square (that was a challenge).

I hope I can return to the magnificient city of Amsterdam very soon and it will continute to be one of my favourite places.

Katie x


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