I think we all remember our first fragrance. Personally mine was an Impulse body spray that my mom bought me. And I loved that fragrance as much then as I do with my more mature fragrances today.

There’s nothing quite like putting on your favourite perfume and feeling super confident with yourself. I love that feeling. Today I’m going to be sharing my (many) signature scents that make me feel like I could rule the world. Lets gooo!

Firstly, Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir has to be up there on my favourite fragnance list. My mum was the one to introduce this scent to my family and ever since we all use it basically everyday (including my dad lol). The smell is absolutely stunning and immediately recognisable. The scent is strong yet not overpowering and who could resist not buying Jo Malone in their iconic packaging? I also use the body cream (pictured above)  by Jo Malone as the scent it gives off is equal to using the fragrance. The cream is so moisturising and does not having that prolonging stickiness like many other lotions which I LOVE. You can buy it here.

Next also by Jo Malone is my English pear and Freesia cologne which I bought fairly recently. I was hesitant to buy this fragrance as I loved the pomegranate one so much I didn’t see the point in buying one with a different scent. but after smelling this at the airport I had to buy it. Its such a pretty scent, so subtle and instantly freshens you up. Its very youthful and lasts forever. Would highly recommend this as a first Jo Malone cologne. Buy it here.

Another favourite perfume of mine is the Pomegranate Cassis & Patchouli Eau De Toilette by The White Company. First of I was not surprised that I would love this frangance as I absolutely ADORE The White Company. Everything they produce is absolutely beautiful from bedsheets to candles. It has always been a favourite brand of mine so when I received this for christmas in its beautiful packaging I was over the moon. The scent is very sweet, refreshing and lingers forever. The scent may consist of pomegrante like the Jo Malone one but to me they smell completely different, this one being a little bit stronger. You can buy it here.

Finally, my last favourite perfume is this one my molecule. Now this scent is definitely unique. Somehow you cannot smell it on yourself but everyone can smell it on you. And I can’t tell you how many times people have stopped me and my mum while wearing this. Its absolutely stunning, so fresh and bespoke. It honestly, hand on heart lasts all day without fail. The packaging may not be as pretty as Jo Malone’s but its beautiful scent definitely puts it in the front running for my all time favourite fragnance. You won’t find this in most perfume shops but you can buy it here on cult beauty.

I’d love to know your favourite scents in the comments below.

Katie x


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