Spots. Unfortunately we all get them. I remember having the biggest, reddest spot ever on my first ever primary school photo day. And to make it worse, I overheard my teacher talking about it to her colleague. Back then I couldn’t do anything about it. You can’t cover them with makeup and a five year old is hardly going to know or care about cleansers, toners, exfloitaters etc.

Although I still struggle with the occasional spots, over the years, through much trial and error, I have found some amazing products that work miracles and really helped my skin improve not only by reducing spots but by improving its overall appearance.


When in search of skincare I mainly purchase French pharmacy products as they are absolutely amazing for very dry, irritable skin, like mine. I personally find that high street skin care severely breaks me out as most tend to contain strong fragrances or skin aggravating ingredients that aren’t suitable for ultra sensitive skin. There are however, afew drugstore products that I have found which are amazing.

Although, using skin care products is a big part of looking after your skin there is many lifestyle choices that will help keep skin in the best condition possible. But I will be including all those tips in a different blog post.

My first product that cleared my skin has got to be the Bioderma Sensibo h20 micelle water. I first found out about this product in an article I found on Pinterest. I then thoroughly researched the product and found it had so many amazing reviews and many reported celebrity fans such as Kate Moss. I then ordered it online as my local Boots didn’t stock it and since then it has become my must have product. It removes makeup so quickly (even eye makeup) and is so extremely gentle. It leaves the face feeling completely refreshed without any irritation whatsoever. You can purchase it here.

My next product is a cleanser by Avene. My mum first purchased this brand and since then I have fallen in love with it. The product is called the ‘Extremely gentle cleanser lotion’ and my gosh is it true to the name. I tend to use this cleanser when I want a slightly more thorough cleanse as the consistency is more grainy. I use this twice a week and basically treat it as an extremely gentle exfoliator. It is fantastic for scrubbing away dead skin and keeping my skin healthy. Again this product causes no irritation whatsoever. I highly recommend this product. You can purchase it here on Look Fantastic.

Thirdly, one of my must have skin products is once again by the brand Avene and is their gentle toner. I absolutely love this especially after using the Bioderma micelle water. Any excess dirt from the face not picked up by the cleanser is completely removed after using this product. It contains anti-irritating properties and leaves the skin feeling extremely soft and hydrated. It can be purchased here.

Next we are on to moisturisers. I personally find it so hard to find a moisturizer that actually lasts all day without feeling heavy and irritating my skin. But these two by La Roche Posay completely changed my opinion. They are both the ‘Toleriane Ultra Fluide” intense soothing creams, however one is for night time and one is for day time. They are both very similar and feel the exact same initially when put on the face. However, I am exceptionally fond of the night time cream as it leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized when I wake up in the morning. They are so lightweight and a little really does go a long way. Due to them not being heavy in consistency it means that they do not break me out.You can buy them here and here.

Finally, my last product is a moisturiser by Avene. I especially love this product in the winter when my skin is especially dry. It is a thicker moisturizer than the La Roche Posay ones, yet they do not feel heavy on the skin. It lasts all day and dries relatively quickly leaving my skin feel immensely hydrated and soft. I bought it here.

I’d love to know what your favourite skin care is and if you have any recommendations!!




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