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There is a wide range of application products and tools available in the beauty world. Ranging from brushes to beauty blenders to the one we often forget- fingers. It all depends on our skins needs and the makeup look you want to acquire. Today I am going to attempt to catagorise each technique to suit your needs.

For busy workers/pupils/gym-lovers

If you like me want a really quick makeup look in the morning then I highly recommend using fingers to apply your base. Apply the product as if it were a moisturiser and drag down to the neck. The heat from your fingers will make rubbing in the foundation a lot easier and will give a very natural makeup look. It may also add a flush of colour to your cheeks. I recommend using fingers for the application of BB creams, CC creams and tinted moisturisers as this will ensure a natural, fresh makeup look. If you are look for a full coverage using fingers may not be the best as too much product could make the base appear smeary. Always ensure that you wash your hands beforehand as the bacteria and all the other bad stuff you acquire on your hands may lead to breakouts when rubbed on the face.

For everyday glam

There’s definitely days when I want my everyday makeup to look slightly nicer and more polished. On these days I tend to use big, fluffy brush to apply my foundation. Using a big brush will allow your makeup to look airbrushed while at the same time ultra natural, as it will not concentrate on one specific area of the face. Brushes are great for blending and buffing foundation into the skin. Perfect for the everyday glam gal.

For glamorous full coverage

For the times when you want to have that added WOW factor such as evenings, special events etc, I like to go for a more full-coverage base. To achieve this look I find using a damp beauty blender works best. It makes your whole makeup look flawless and more professional. Using a beauty blender will also allow you to build up your personal preference of coverage. Using sponges are also amazing for cream contouring and liquid highlight.

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I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what your favourite beauty applicator is!!

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