They say a bad builder blames his tools but when it comes to makeup, good tools make all the difference. My initial thought of coughing up £70 for a pack of brushes was quite daunting. Why spend that much money when I could get knock off brushes on Amazon for a seventh of the price. Although, I considered this I knew in the long run that a pack of twenty brushes costing £7 would unfortunately not last forever. So I decided to invest my money into one of the best (and expensive) makeup brushes brand out there; Sigma.

Not knowing the brand Sigma very well, I wanted to start off with a simple and versatile kit. When I came across the ‘Most Wanted Set’ chosen by fellow beauty lovers, it instantly fit the bill. The brush that especially excited me was the famous E25 blending brush and the F35 tapered highlighter brush.

When the brushes first arrived I was instantly blown away but the amazing quality of each individual brush. Upon first impressions you can definitely notice why the brand is substantially more expensive than others.

Sigma Kabuki F80

Throughout my time of using makeup, the only foundation applicator I had previously ever used was the Real Techniques sponge. So I was super excited to try out this very hyped foundation brush. And I definitely get it. The brush creates a flawless base without looking cakey but is definitely much more suitable for a night time base if you are all about a natural finish during the day.

Tapered Highlighter Brush F35

I had been wanting this brush for years after seeing the Youtuber Lauren Curtis use it on her YouTube channel. But at £20.50 a pop I never took the plunge. So finding out it came in this amazing brush set was the final factor that eventually made me buy. The brush is perfectly shaped to strobe the top of the cheekbone and perfectly disputes the product without looking too blinding. If I had to recommend only one high end brush to someone, this would be it.

Tapered Blending E40 & Controlled Blending E25

I’ve never been much of an eyeshadow gal so. However, these brushes are just the perfect duo. The E25 is amazing for initially adding product to the eyes and the E40 blends and diffuses eye shadow like a dream. The brush blends out the crease so effortlessly saving tons of time on those early mornings. Considering the quality and the overall look the brushes create the price tag is completely justifiable.

Pencil E30

This brush is amazing for highlighting under the brow bone, inner corner of the eyes, the cupids bow and also for blending eyeshadow under the waterline. It’s a must in any makeup bag.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend investing in Sigma brushes. The quality is stupendous and I would definitely recommend this set for anyone looking to buy a high-end brush set.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried any brushes from the Sigma brand.

Love, Katie X


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