I’d been lusting over this pallette for months and finally took the plunge on Black Friday when I noticed it had 10% off discount on John Lewis. And I’m so glad I did. Every shade is so beautiful and wearable even for us with the palest of skin tones.

I’m not going to lie, the first thing which drew me to the palette was it’s beautiful packaging. Rose gold with marble detailing? Yes please. But I of course knew that the brand would also live up to it’s extremely high standards. Spoiler- It absoultley does.

The palette contains six shades- two setting powders, one highlighter, a bronzer and two beautiful blushes making the product a worthy investment. At £69 for the whole palette, each shade in the palette comes in at 11.50 a pop which is a bargain compared to the full size products which can reach up to £40.

  • Diffused Light- Having never tried any of the Hourglass setting powders this was the one shade I was most looking forward to trying. Although I never tend to use powder as i’m all about “dat glow”, this product is all about setting the makeup while still creating a beautiful, natural glow to the face. The powder is extremely finely milled meaning it won’t create that powdery, cakey overall look. It’s the perfect shade for my skintone and keeps my makeup in place all day. It’s a definite winner from me.
  • Dim Light- This powder is almost identical to Diffused Light except it’s a little darker. I don’t tend to wear this shade too much as I think it’s much more suitable for those with a warmer skin tone but the consistency and longetivity is still absolutley spot on.
  • Hypnotic Strobe Highlighter- I’d been contemplating buying an Hourglass highlighter for months, so it’s fair to say I was absoutley chuffed when I found out the palette already contained one. It is exclusive to the palette but I already want to buy it in a full size. I’ve got so many highlighters in my (evergrowing) collection but this one is just so unique and much more natural than others. I used to absolutley love a strong highlight but latley I’ve been loving a subtle glow that doesn’t look like I’ve tried too hard to create. The shade is the most perfect champagne colour with slight warm undertones. It is extremely buildable while still appearing natural. What I love most about the product is that it creates a luminious glow to the face with being glittery.
  • Luminious Bronze Light- I must admit that I was skeptical before trying this bronzer. Since the start of wearing makeup, I’ve only ever worn a matte bronzer as it tends to look more natural on the face. But I have fell head over heels for this product. In the pan it looks like the product has a slight glitter to it but once applied it gives you a beautiful sunkissed look that looks glowy annd in no way too harsh or unnatural.
  • Surreal Halo Blush- My first ever blog post featured an Hourglass blush proving just how much I’m obbsessed with them. And the two featured in this palette are no exception. Surreal Halo is a super pretty, plumy colour which is just perfect for the winter season. It’s one of my favoruite products in the palette as it’s so pigmented and extremely buildable. The colour is quite strong so I always use a light hand upon application.
  • Pure Effect Blush- This pretty shade is exclusive to the palette and is much brighter than others. It’s a petally pink with a shimmery sheen that looks beautiful applied on the top of the Surreal Halo blush. I wouldn’t tend to use this shade on it’s on it’s own as it is extremely pink on my complexion. However, I think it would look beautiful on someone with a darker skintone.

Overall, is the palette worth it’s £69? Absoultey. It truly makes you look like a walking filter.  Every shade is completley useable and having six shades in one product makes the palette extremely travel friendly.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this palette and whether you have any Hourglass reccomendations. I’d love to give them a go.

Love Katie xx


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