Many companies claim to be suitable for sensitive skin but very few can live up to its manifesto. However, one brand which certainly lives up to it’s promises is the brand Botanics. I became a brand ambassador for the company in the summer and since then have been lucky enough to recieve many of their amazing products. And I cannot stress enough how good they are.

Attempting to pick my favourites from the brand was a hard task but have been able to narrow it down to four must have skincare items that everyone needs in her collection. Oh and 3 out of 4 are pink. I swear it’s just a coincidence. I promise.

Botanics Exfoliator

I’ve had this product for around six months and have just only nearly ran out after using it weekly. I have to admit that I can be a creature of habit in terms of beauty products but you know what they say, ‘If it’s not broken why fix it?’. I tend to use the exfoliator around twice a week to get rid of any unwanted dry/dead skin. It makes the skin feel so soft and hydrated while still removing all of the makeup. I also have been noticing a brightness in my complexion when used with the other Botanic products. It’s a must in the skincare drawer.

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner

I have one word to describe this product; perfection. I only discovered the toner about a month ago when it was delivered to my door by the lovely Botanics team. I’ve used it ever since and I can’t rave about it enough. It removes any excess makeup that was missed by the cleanser with complete ease and leaves the skin extremely bright.

Botanics Hydrating Lotion with SPF15

This again was a relatively new product to me but I can tell it won’t be disappearing anytime soon from my daily skincare routine. I usually find it extremely hard to find a moisturiser that works with my skin type and doesn’t leave the skin awfully sticky. So I was so happy to discover this mighty daytime moisturiser that is specifically created for those with sensitive and dehydrated skin. It leaves the skin feeling super hydrated and moisturised while not feeling heavy on the face. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Botanics All Bright Moisturiser SPF15

This moisturiser is a lot thicker than the previous one making it perfect for your night-time routine. Although the consistency is a lot thicker it still soaks into the skin pretty quickly while still leaving you face feeling super hydrated when you wake up. It contains hibiscus for its skin brightening properties which boosts the overall radiance of the face. At £6.99 it’s a steal for super soft skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what your favourite Botanics product is!

Love always,

Katie Xx


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