When researching this product I found that people tend to have a very split opinion on whether they love or hate this bronzer. And I have to admit that at the start I very much felt the same way. But after trying the product for a few weeks I can officially confirm that I am very much on the love side of the Chanel Tan de Soleil.
I had genuinely been contemplating buying this bronzer for at least two years but the fairly hefty price tag always made me resist the temptation. However, I was lucky enough to recieve this from my sister for my christmas and I haven’t stopped wearing it since.
Firstly the packaging for the bronzer is just simply beautiful. It became so beautifully boxed that I didn’t even want to unwrap it (okay I did). I read so many reviews of people complaining about the large packaging of the product but in my opinion I think it makes it look even more luxurious.
I have little to none experience with cream bronzers so I was definitely a bit hesitant before application. But after choosing a real techniques contour brush to apply the product, I got on just grand. I don’t currently have a stippling brush but I think the product would work great using one. It’s definitely an adjustment using a cream bronzer so I would reccomend trying out a drugstore version first just to make sure you like the application before investing in a high end one.
The colour is warmer than I expected but in no way looks too harsh on the skin for bronzing. It’s extremely pigmented meaning you only need a little and a light hand to apply. It blends out extremely easily due to its mousse/gel like formula. It sets on the skin relatively quickly but you still have plenty of time to create your desired look. It one of the only bronzers that I’ve used that actually lasts the whole day.
Many reviews that I read were also stating that it’s not suitable for contouring paler skin but I personally disagree. Firstly, it is 100% matte which is perfect for creating those natural looking sculpted cheekbones. The bronzer also fades and blends into your makeup ensuring there is no harsh lines on the face. A little bit of product certainly goes a long way in this case. It truly is a full proof product.
Overall I would thoroughly recommend buying this bronzer. It is more expensive than other high-end bronzers but it is an extremely versatile product that can also be used for topping up a tan and creating a beautiful overall glow. I can already tell it’s going to be my go to product in summer.
Have you guys tried out any of the Chanel makeup line? I’d love to hear any recommendations!
Love Katie Xx

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